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    Functional Hypertrophy
    What is it?. Why you need it. And how you can achieve it.

    By Todd Wilson.

    Hard to believe it's been 8 years since Christian Thibaudeau contacted me about writing an article
    for a now defunct website that he was beginning his writing career on.
    I was finishing up grad school and coaching basketball full time, but worked with,
    depending on the time of the year 10-20 athletes from a half dozen sports on a regular basis.
    Today, writing an article about strength training and getting it published online is no big deal.
    At that time, online strength authors, who produced quality content, were few and far between.
    Which, frankly could still be argued.

    First, I was honored, Chris and I had met through various discussion boards
    and had exchanged quite a few emails.
    We had developed a mutual respect for each other's knowledge of strength training and program design
    (which has always been a strength of Chris').
    Obviously I wanted to write a very good article to start with for my initial foray into writing
    on strength development.
    Therefore, I turned to a program I have used regularly that invariably gets excellent results.

    I titled it "Functional Hypertrophy" as those were industry buzz words at the time,
    and functional hypertrophy, is, in fact what the program accomplishes.
    I've continued to use it in it's many potential variations over the last 8 years,
    and have received amazing feed back from a few hundred athletes & coaches from over 2 dozen countries...

    Read The Article...

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